Testing the Virtual Datacenter

SDN Testing

One of the goals of the SDN Testing is to test SDN concepts such as the Virtual Datacenter Replacement.  A True Virtual Data Center consists of a few pieces:

A software based router with the ability to connect multiple uplinks and use a routing protocol to load-balance between them.

A software based switch with industry standard features and a good control interface.

A software based firewall with the ability to separate the front and backend systems safely.

The front and back-end systems themselves.

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About Steven Noble

Founder and Chief Analyst at Router Analysis, Steven has over 20+ years of experience designing and running large networks. Since 1996 he has been heavily involved in writing and executing test plans for networking devices. His professional experience includes CTO of Sideband Networks (Current), VP of Technology at XDN Inc, Technical Leader at Cisco and Procket Networks and Fellow - Network Architecture at Exodus Communications.

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