Disclaimer for Steven Noble

As the main author and contributor to both the Router Analysis and SDN Testing Websites I work very hard to maintain my independence from network equipment manufacturers.  This includes software vendors.

At this time we (RA/ST) do not take any paid promotional posts or advertisements.  All monies uses to operate the projects come directly from my own pocket (i.e. bootstrapped).  We do borrow equipment from manufacturers in order to facilitate testing.

All information gathered for Router Analysis and SDN Testing are held with full confidence within said organizations.

As a freelance contractor/advisor I am often doing contract/retainer work in coordination with customers of NEMs or the NEMs directly.  Part of my decision process when I take on any work from a NEM is whether I can maintain independence and neutrality.  This means I will and do have to turn down work where I feel there may be a conflict of interest.


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  1. Fuyan Zhu says:

    Hi Steven Noble
    I’m Fuyan Zhu, an editor of SDNLAB. Have the opportunity to read your article and i feel it’s very valuable. I want to translate your article and share to more people. can you authorize me? SDNLAB is a chinese community focus on network,if you want to learn more about us you can visit http://www.sdnlab.com. I’m looking forward to your reply,thank you.

  2. Chandrasekar says:

    Hi Steven,

    It is really intersting to see your contribution towards SDN . I am Network Engineer by profession wants to learn and grow to set mycareer in SDN test , implemenation . Would you please advise how to start with

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